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© 2005-2015 World Travel Warehouse Inc. All Rights Reserved


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© 2005-2015 World Travel Warehouse Inc. All Rights Reserved


Who is World Travel Warehouse





World Travel Warehouse is a privately owned & federally incorporated company, licensed to sell travel services and insurance products, and located in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. We utilize the Internet to expand our reach outside our local market of St. John's NL. Having more than 20 years extensive travel experience, and in business since 2005, we draw on our own personal experiences to help you make the most of your travel plans.


We understand and expect that consumers should have some reservations about dealing with a company they've found on the Internet. Definitely do your homework and check out any company you wish to deal with. We know there are many unreliable travel (and other) websites out there, and we understand any potential client's initial hesitation at dealing with someone they found online. We work hard to earn your trust and business.


Where We've Been:

- USA: 46 U.S. states

- CANADA: 10 Canadian Provinces & Northwest Territories

- EUROPE: Iceland, Germany, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece & Greek Islands (speciality), France, Malta, Spain, Italy, Vatican CIty (The See), Turkey (specialty), Hungary, Belgium,  Bosnia/Herzegovena, Poland, Slovenia, The Netherlands & Sweden

- UK: Wales and the United Kingdom, Ireland & Falkland Islands and Gibraltar

- OCEANIA: New Zealand (North & South Islands), Australia (Northern Territory)

- MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA: Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Israel/Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

- ASIA: Korea and China, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Jakarta (Indonesia), Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Afghanistan

- CARIBBEAN: Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Cuba, and Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula).

- SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Chile & Easter Island, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil


We add to our travel expertise annually so we can better serve you, our trusted clients, with expert first-hand destination knowledge.

Check out some of our travel photos or videos


Our clients are mainly repeat clients and referrals who enjoy that "old fashioned feeling" being truly valued & appreciated. We charge a nominal fee for numerous professional services.


The bottom line:

World Travel Warehouse will guarantee to provide you with exceptional customer service, offering expertise hands-on knowledge of teh destinations we sell. If a problem with your travel should ever arise, we commit to correct the problem with any reasonable means possible, in order to maintain our commitment to you, of satisfaction guaranteed.


Thank you for your Interest & your Loyalty


Contact Us if you require assistance with your travel plans.


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