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Imagine for a moment the thrill of completing an Around the World (“ATW”) journey. I’ve done two and I can assure you there are pros, and there are cons to ATW travel!

The anticipation of visiting new and exotic destinations, arriving after long flights, searching for your baggage as you’re barely awake, looking for porters or dragging your own luggage to pre-arranged or local transportation.

While I LOVED arriving and seeing new places which was definitely the UPSIDE of ATW, the actual act of travelling to “get there” has sometimes been the downside. Delayed flights, kids kicking my seat for 17 hours, and now, in the new post-COVID era that we have begun to enter, many new restrictions when boarding every plane and connection, presenting and checking and rechecking documentation for each flight.

Now … Imagine a world of travel without all of the above chaos and noise. Without flight delays, without dealing with annoying seat mates for endless hours. Imagine travelling in a setting comprised of good company when you feel like engaging with others, great gourmet dining every day, while you still get to immerse yourself in many of the world’s most beautiful destinations, but without all the cacophony.

Around the World Cruises offer you a most comfortable means of arriving at, exploring, and experiencing each wonderful and new destination, without looking like a hot mess!! You are gently and thoroughly guided through destinations you’ve only dreamt of, with expert guides who titillate you with intriguing stories and history of each new area.

Imagine again, the grandeur and ease of not having to endure the many arduous & time-consuming flights to transport you between these exotic long-haul destinations, where instead … you can enjoy the sanctuary of your private stateroom or the many onboard amenities and activities as you sail easily between exotic destinations, dining on some of the world’s best culinary fare money can buy, at really reasonable costs when all things included are considered.

The Around the World Cruise is beyond private jetting, this … this my friends, is true peace and utmost luxury when travelling, and when compared against all the components paid for separately for an ATW journey of the same magnitude, simply could not be duplicated.

Around the World Cruise Overview with USD rates starting at $48,999 and CAD rates starting at $61,399

Alternatively, you can preview what’s in store by having a look at the following “Around the World” E-Brochure:

If you’d like to preview the beauty and ambiance of an Around the World Cruise, please feel free to review this video.

We are here to help you plan and book your Oceania Around the World Cruise and Travel for 2024. Special rates are available during pre-booking, and yes, the 2023 ATW Sailing did sell out without 24 hours last year! We anticipate space will sell out quickly. (If you’d like to do only a section of the World Cruise, this is possible too – just ask us!

Take the time for you. You’ve worked hard and you deserve travel done right!

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