Butterfly Conservatory – Key West

The Butterfly Conservatory in Key West is a must-see for anyone who enjoys serenity, and enjoying the beauty of butterflies in a natural-like setting.


The most common species of butterfly you will see at the K.W. Conservatory is the “blue morpho” which is among the largest butterflies in the world – with wing span ranging from 5-8 inches!

When they are landed, their wings look a simple light brown variation, but once flying their wings look sparkling, iridescent blue color, which is caused by the microscopic scales on the backs of their wings reflecting the light.   


The conservatory is located at the southernmost end of Duval Street (1316 Duval Street), and is just steps from South Beach, a small stretch of beach (but beware, it’s often crowded as it’s one of the only beachy areas in Key West) but this location is great for an afternoon swim with the kids after the conservatory stop.

Be sure to check out some of the many “conch house” style buildings that fill the beautiful streets of Key West.