Professional Fees

The fees we charge

Pre-packaged Itineraries (all tours listed on our website are pre-packaged itineraries):

We book pre-packaged tours that appear on our site with NO FEES (suppliers pay us commission to sell their tours). 

However if you request any deviation from a basic package (extra days added, country combinations added, to a standard package), a customization fee will be levied.


Independent and/or Private Itineraries

Due to the time required to customize itineraries for our clients, we charge a non-refundable fee of $250-$500 PER PERSON before we will commence any bookings.

1. $250/pp: 1 country/1 week daily itinerary

2. $500/pp: 2 or more countries detailed, day-by-day with hotels, sightseeing, and transportation between cities/countries and/or destinations) for customized or detailed point-to-point independent itineraries, or 2 week daily itineraries. 
(Please note this customization fee refers ONLY to highly detailed, independent itineraries, not multi-country “tours” which our suppliers sell as a standalone tour package encompassing numerous countries).

  1. If your requests are highly detailed and time-consuming (more than 25 emails requesting changes), there may be a customization charge of up to 10% of your booking total.

For groups of 4 or more persons travelling together, we will reduce this customization fee as appropriate.

For last minute, detailed planning, and/or fully non-commissionable items being booked, this fee could be higher than $250/pp up to a maximum of 10% of your booking total, but we will always advise you of the amount you can expect to pay for our professional and detailed advice in advance of any charges or planning being completed.

We always give you the option to not move forward with any planning, but we do ask that you respect our professionalism and refrain from asking us to work out a detailed, day-by-day itinerary for you for free that you can go book elsewhere.

NOTE: We will provide (1) one basic quote (a rough ballpark figure which you can expect would be your total vacation price +/- $100-$200/person). After presentation of this free quote, and prior to starting any bookings, we will require your signed credit card authorization form, in advance of further work being completed for the services fee. If you choose to not proceed once work and bookings have commenced, the minimum $250-$500 quote fee will be charged to your card. Thank you for your understanding.

Examples of the added value services we provide:

  • register your trip with Foreign Affairs Canada/US State Department (upon request)
  • seat selection, meal selection aboard International flights
  • special request requiring contact with hotels
  • ensure you are aware of all covid-protocols, travel restrictions for your destination and any requirements you need to be aware of, as you prepare to travel to foreign destinations.
  • arranging any upgrade requests for Honeymoon/Anniversary Vacations
  • miscellaneous other added value services we complete for our clients.

Destination Wedding Quotes

from $50/person (This fee will be included in your destination wedding quoted price per person).



– Canadian Domestic, Cross-Border (Canada/USA) fares: $65/ticket

– International Fares & Points Tickets: $150/ticket (or $75/ticket when booked with another component/cruise, tour product, etc.)

– Low-cost carriers (Europe): $65/ticket
NOTE: We do not charge any ticketing fees for flights that are booked in conjunction with a tour product you have booked with us.



Vacation Packages  Last Minute & All Inclusive Packages

Complimentary booking:

 (However, if you require in-depth, personalized consultation regarding your resort choice (more than 6 reply emails) an additional $50 consultation fee will be charged to your card)



Complimentary booking (no fee)

NOTE: Low cost cruises (Ex: $299 for a 3-7 day cruise) will automatically be levied an additional $75/person fee


Escorted Tours

(Globus, Trafalgar, Insight, OnTheGo Tours, Tauck, A & K, etc.) Complimentary booking and we do not charge any ticketing fee to book your air in conjunction with your tour.

A minimum $15.00 Courier fee will automatically be charged to your card for document delivery when you request hard copy travel documents, instead of e-documents.


Cars & Boutique Hotels

from $75 per booking (Please note this may be higher for very complex boutique hotel searches, contacting hotel directly for reservation specifics and non-commissionable bookings)


Other Products & Miscellaneous

– Other online websites: from $65 per ticket/booking, and in authorizing us to purchase products from other online retailers (ex: Air Berlin, Vueling, Expedia, etc)

NOTE: By asking us to purchase from any online source on your behalf, you automatically AGREE TO BE FULLY BOUND by ALL SUPPLIER’S TERMS & CONDITIONS, without restrictions.



**Price Matching**

Please note we WILL price match if you find the exact same product, same dates priced lower elsewhere within 24 hours after booking.


Change/Cancel Fees

If you request us to make a change to your dates of travel, or cancel your booking, please note the following items:

– There will be supplier’s change/cancellation fees incurred;

– You will be charged a World Travel Warehouse administration fee of $75 (changes) or $100 (cancellations) will be charged to your card on file. We appreciate your understanding as these cancellations require considerable extra time for the agent, and cancellations eliminate any commission earned.