All Inclusive Vacations – The Stress Vacuum

All Inclusive Vacations – The Stress Vacuum

These days, everyone seems to be overworked. No matter how much work we do, there seems to be no end to the onslaught of tasks filling our days. People call our offices pleading, “get me out of here, I need to de-stress! So, it o it comes as no surprise that many people continue to appreciate the totally uncomplicated nature of the All Inclusive Vacation package. Choose your resort, pay your fee, get on the plane and head off for a week or two of blissfully stress-free (usually) vacation time. We all deserve it!

We like to refer to All Inclusive Vacations as the Perfect ‘Stress Vacuum!’ (Can I copyright that?)

The biggest decisions to be made once at the All Inclusive Resorts are:
– what time should we eat
– which restaurant should we choose each day/night
– should we take excursions off resort to see some of the local culture, and history?!
Ok, ok! These are not really the most stressful decisions any of us has had to make in life!

IMG_0625 (2)
Gran Bahia Principe – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

As world travelers, we fully realize that there are travel styles and trips that fit every traveller’s different needs at different times. Families with small children require family-oriented properties or a vacation pace that allows the child to wander, at their own pace. Naturally family-oriented travel caters to a very different clientele than adult’s only resorts, or adventure travel vacations.

The same goes for the All Inclusive Resort vacation – it fills a specific need. Sometimes we want a very relaxed pace, and truly zen-like vacation, while other times we crave full in-depth immersion into every aspect of a new and unique destination’s culture.

You can wake up at 6am and run the beach or get your daily workout in, before you commence a day of reading on the beach, or wake up at 11am and JUST nip to the restaurant in time for a late breakfast.

Or you can sleep in. Ahhhh sleeping in! Almost every mother’s dream vacation!!
Ahhh the restorative properties of a proper amount of sleep.

That’s the beauty of the All Inclusive Vacations – your time is truly your own! For the duration of your stay, you’re not waking up early to scrape ice off the wind-shield (yes, we do love Canada, and its cold weather), nor are you having to allow your car extra time to heat up before driving to work.

IMG_2952 (2)

Grand Caribe Real, Cancun, Mexico

An important and noticeable change that’s evident from the original pre-packaged, one size fits all All-Inclusive packages, is that there are now many different types of All Inclusive Resorts to choose from.

Resort properties now offer top-notch, ‘gourmet-inclusive’ ultra-luxury properties which run well over $1000/night, to multi-generational family resorts, where both the elderly members of your extended family, as well as toddler’s and young teens alike, can each find something to do that is interesting. As well, there will always be your more basic “sun and beach and meals” type all-inclusive quick & easy resorts, which tend to run anywhere from $700-900/7 nights (budget) to $1500-$2000/7 nights (moderate to up-scale resorts).

There remains something for everyone’s budget within the realm of All Inclusive vacation packages. And the ultra-all-inclusive luxury resorts are truly some of the best properties I’ve seen and experienced in my life in terms of stellar properties, amenities, stylishness, amazing food choices and services.

Mayan Riviera, Mexico

So…isn’t it time to start planning YOUR Stress Vacuum vacation?

We’ve been to many resorts and destinations in the Caribbean, and the around the world (did you know there are All-Inclusive resorts in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and more?!) We can give you some great recommendations!